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  • The Find in Files search doesn’t return results for some file types in some folders.

    I’ve been using Notepad++'s Find in Files feature for a number of years on various versions of Windows and Notepad++. On one of my Windows 10 desktops the Find in Files function fails to return results in certain file types in certain folders. For example, it finds terms in a .pdf, .doc or .odt in one directory, but doesn’t return results in other files of the same type in another directory.

    I’m sure you’re thinking I should check and uncheck various options in the Find in Files window, but I’m familiar with these and have eliminated them as a factor. I’ve also tried different file type settings, specifying ., *.doc, *.odt, etc). With the same settings, Notepad++ finds the file content on one device (running Windows 7) but not on the other (running Windows 10).

    I can go into further detail and give an example, but before I do, can anyone tell me whether there are any other settings within Notepad++ or Windows that might affect the program’s ability to find and return results in certain file types or directories?

  • Hello Aled-Powell,

    one of the error sources could be permission problems. You use a non-priviledged account
    where as files stored in the directory belong to administrator only. Or someone set the permission
    that no one is allowed to read the files at all.
    Another possible issue could be that the directory isn’t really a directory but a hard/soft link or even worse
    a network link to an unknown formatted source. You think I’m jokeing, I went through all of this.
    And one of the most common problem when using npp and windows 10 together is/was that
    there are problems when starting npp in adminstrative mode. Now that I wrote this last sentence I
    reckon’ that I should have started with it. So please double check shortcut properties->compatibility.


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