How to remark out a line

  • With Notepad ++ is it possible to remark out a line in an .ini file so that it is ignored like REM with the old Basic?

    If so … how.

  • Hello Arizona-Willie,

    well it depends it the one who reads the ini file takes care about it.
    I remember that semicolon was/is used in ini files to mark it a comment.

    If you open your ini file, select INI as language (if not already recognized by extension)
    and press CTRL+k the line should get commented.

    But as said, in the end the program which reads the ini needs to take care that this
    line has been marked as comment.


  • Thanks for the rapid reply. :)

    This is a game .ini file for Fallout 4.

    I followed your recommendation and will try it in a few minutes.

    Thank you very much.

    Well it seems to work. Game runs with no problem with the item remarked out.

    So unless I run into problems I will leave it that way.

    Thanks again.

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