perl lexer broken

  • The perl lexer in version 6.88 is both out of date and broken. For instance the key words ‘given’, ‘when’, ‘last’ and ‘say’ are treated as names of subroutines. In addition, the lexer does not distinguish between $var[ and $var{, the first is a reference to an array element and the second is a reference to a hash element. Is there a fix?

  • Hello Hugh-Myers,

    the keywords can be added. Within the npp installation directory goto the
    …Notepad++\plugins\APIs directory and edit the perl.xml file accordingly.

    Regarding the references, it sounds like it was working before, wasn’t it?
    I checked the bug and features request and didn’t see any ticket referring to it.

    So if it was working and now doesn’t you may open a bug ticket here or
    if it wasn’t working before you may open a feature request here.


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