Function list with track of location

  • I can create a new parser to understand my Dynamics NAV C/AL code. So far so good.

    So now I can see all my objects with code in the function list.
    Object A
    Object B
    Object C

    But when I scroll (on the left) thru my file I would like the location “where I am” to be seen into the function list (on the right) too. Is this possible?

  • Hello Erik-van-den-Berg,

    afaik no, but would be a nice feature, indeed.


  • is it possible to create a shortcut, for example ctrl-r which starts a plugin. The plugin refreshes the list and selects the current position in the list.

    will such a plugin be easy to create?

  • Hello Erik-van-den-Berg,

    no, I don’t think so, as the function list isn’t part of the plugin interface provided by npp.
    It is a plugin itself.

    I thought about a python script solution using some of the window api functions
    like findwindow, enumwindows etc. provided by windows os, but this would mean
    some need to install the win32 modules as well and messing around with these
    window handles might make npp unstable.

    So, no, sorry, I don’t see any easy solution yet.


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