Notepad++ is guessing the wrong ANSI character set for certain texts

  • Examples where standard ANSI, Windows-1252 or ISO-LATIN-1 would have been the logical choice, but where Notepad++ assumes something else instead:

    • “Hier ist ein Beispiel auf Deutsch mit üäö.” – Windows-1255 (Hebrew)
    • “En svensk text med åäö.” – Windows-1251 (Cyrillic)
    • “En svensk text med éåäö.” – Windows-1255 (Hebrew)

    The same texts in UPPER CASE works just fine:

    • “Hier ist ein Beispiel auf Deutsch mit ÜÄÖ.”
    • “En svensk text med ÅÄÖ.”
    • “En svensk text med ÉÅÄÖ.”

    Is there any way to force Notepad++ not to try to guess the ANSI character set but use the system default or a specified character set?

  • Hello Per-Siden,

    I guess I have a more or less good workaround.

    Uncheck Autodetect character encoding from Settings->Preferences->MISC.

    In Settings->Preferences->New Document select the Encoding you want by using the dropdown list.

    If you use the session functionality Settings->Preferences->Backup take care that you close
    any document with different encoding before restarting npp, otherwise it will load the codepage
    from the information within then session files.


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