Find in Files screen opens and closes immediately when using the mouse to select in the menu

  • It was happening in the previous version I had, today I have upgrade to the latest version (6.8.8) and continues to happen in my notebook. I open Notepad++ and I can work ok with all other features, but when I try to do, selecting withthe mouse, Search and then Find In Files, I can see the filter screen opening but it closes immediately.
    But if I do Ctrl-Shift-F or if I select from the menu with Alt-S - Down key and Enter to select Find in Files, it works perfectly, only selecting by mouse is not working.

  • Hello Robson-Reis,

    I know there was a problem with the find in files in former releases (don’t know exactly which version) but it should been fixed now.
    I tried it on my windows 7 x64 with npp 6.8.8 and it is working. Can you post the debug info( ?->DebugInfo) ?
    Can you try to start npp without plugins using -noPlugin switch?
    If it is still reproducable can you give us the exact steps you did like
    which theme is used, which language, what words where selected etc…


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