When Windows is shut down improperly, NPP forgets files.

  • I think that abnormal Windows termination is the cause, but I’m not altogether sure. Notepad should record files as they are being loaded and remove the record as it is being closed for the sake of certainty that it will reload the files when it is reopened, but it seems that isn’t what is happening. The files also disappear from the MRU list.

  • Hello Robert,

    you are right about the forgetfulness in such a case. You can easily test it by killing the process.
    But tbh I wouldn’t really care about it, as long as my file is still valid and not corrupt which can happen as well.
    Regarding the MRU list, this might be good for one but not for others. If you open only a few files then you
    might think it isn’t a big issue to save the mru list everytime you open a new file but what if you do a lot
    of searches each day, a couple of thousand files then it doesn’t make sense, my opinion, to override the
    mru list constantly.


  • I’m not sure how many I open at a time, but I usually use the same handful for awhile then a different handful, and so forth. If NPP forgot one or the other it wouldn’t present a difficulty, but forgetting both I am at a loss. These files are usually in unrelated directories, so it’s hard to remember which ones I had been working on, so I end up picking up other things and nothing ever gets completed.

    Besides why should a failure to do what it usually does need to be defended? It’s a bit like saying I don’t need to brake all of the time, so who cares if the brakes don’t stop the car every so often. An extreme analogy, I know, but I can’t find a better one that relates better.

  • I get the feeling that I missed something here. (sorry, not a native speaker)
    We talked about an improper windows shutdown which resulted in missing files in mru list, did we?
    Even I like analogies a lot I’m not sure I understand yours correctly.
    Windows shutdown was unexpected how could npp use the brakes if it didn’t expect to do it? ;-)


  • We were talking about both files that NPP had open and the MRU list. Recording both is like maintenance on the brakes, and a Windows crash is like a multi-car pileup. If you want to recover from the crash, you’re going to want working brakes or else your car is going to go into the pileup at full speed and that’s not good for staying alive, just as not maintaining the open files and MRU list is not good for picking up from where you left off.

  • I still think you can’t blame npp if windows shuts down abnormally but I understand
    your argument that having mru list and opened files recorded more often it might
    have recognized it when starting up again but still, there cannot be a guarantee that
    it will always work. Btw. do you know that there is a backup and session snapshot functionality?
    Settings -> Preferences -> Backup-> “Enable session snapshot and periodic backup” maybe this
    can assist you in addition. In the meantime you could ask for an enhancment/feature request


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