Python plugin - problem with setFirstVisibleLine

  • Hi, I have a script that finds the function declaration of the word under the cursor. E,g, in the following example, I select A() within function B, run the script, and it takes me to the line of def A():

    def A():
    def B():

    The problem I’m having is as follows:
    I use editor.lineFromPosition(pos) to get the line number of the found function, and I use editor.setFirstVisibleLine to go to that line.
    However, I realized tonight that editor.lineFromPosition() gives you the absolute line number of that position, but editor.setFirstVisibleLine doesn’t set the line to the absolute line of that number because it doesn’t take hidden lines into consideration!
    To explain a little more:

    • if editor.lineFromPosition() returned 100
    • Between 1 and 100, there are 10 hidden lines (by folding)
    • I want line 100 to be the first visible line
    • editor.setFirstVisibleLine(100) will show line 110!

    I hope this is clear…
    How am I supposed to overcome this???


    P.S. gotoLine(100) does work properly, but this doesn’t set it at the top of the view

  • I guess you are looking for editor.gotoPos(pos)


  • Hi Claudia,
    Thanks, but this also doesn’t bring it to the top of the screen
    Maybe I have to do just create my own loop to keep testing whether the line I want is at the top…??
    Sounds weird… is it true?


  • Hi Davey,

    now I get it, never used editor.setFirstVisibleLine before
    and my test was done with your ~20 lines of description, so nothing really changed by using this call with parameter 100 shame

    You are right, from the documentation it looks like you have to do it
    SCI_GETALLLINESVISIBLE to see if something is hidden at all.
    And loop SCI_GETLINEVISIBLE(int line) to get the hidden lines, count it and … hm …
    I guess it makes a difference if the hidden lines are under the line you want to be on the top or before.
    So, count the lines which are before your line … or … !?

    Let me know - I have to go to work soon ;-)


  • :) Thanks
    It doesn’t sound right - correct?

    Anyway, I’ll let you know what I come out with… if I do! :)
    Thanks for your help!

  • no - I guess you need

    together with


  • Awesome Claudia!
    Thanks a ton - I knew there had to be some better method!
    You saved me a lot of time!

    Thank you!

    (P.S. I searched all the docs for Line and Visible - but I didnt see this! Weird!)

  • Both visibleFromDocLine() and docLineFromVisible()…and setFirstVisibleLine() are in the pythonscript documentation.

    I’d also like to point out the pythonscript has its own discussion area separate from the Notepad++ Community one. It is found here:

    I’m not saying not to post pythonscript related stuff here, just pointing that other forum out as an option. :)

  • Hi Scott, thanks
    Yes, I do recognize that forum, I actually have some scripts there I think
    I was actually debating for a few minutes where to post it… :)


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