How do I remove excess line feed markup (LF)

  • I’m using NPP to markup a djvu.txt file to eventually turn the text into an ePub ebook.

    The djvu.txt file is from a book written 150 years ago, and has a line feed after each line of text. If I convert the text to HTML as it is each line of text will be a paragraph. I want to be able to select each paragraph in the text, and remove the excess LFs within that paragraph. Is there a way to do this?

    I’m sure I’ve done this before with NPP, but have forgotten how I did it.

  • Hello Alex-Bell
    I guess this can be done by using Find/Replace dialog.
    \n is used to represent LF.
    You either have to selext Extended or regular expression in seach mode.
    But be warned, windows eol is \r\n so be careful when replaceing \n.


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