Change IDs for three strings

  • Hello,

    Dave has released Customize Toolbar v4.1.

    <Item id=“44012” should be changed to <Item id=“44212”.
    <Item id=“44013” should be changed to <Item id=“44213”.
    <Item id=“44014” should be changed to <Item id=“44214”.


  • @Yaron
    Hi Yaron,

    Under <Commands>
    <Item id=“44012” name=“Hide Line Number Margin”/>
    <Item id=“44013” name=“Hide Bookmark Margin”/>
    <Item id=“44014” name=“Hide Folder Margin”/>
    These 3 items are only appearing in menu if “Customize Toolbar” plugin is installed.
    These lines are not supported by Don in the master English.xml. Quote from him:
    “Plugin translations will never be in localization file - not only because of maintenance problem, but especially the id of plugin commands are assigned dynamically.”

    I’ve posted this earlier in the unofficial strings topic!

    The source if information was PR #542

    Now the ID’s has been changed, which is a useful information for someone who despite above, adds the string unofficially, but be aware that translating of these items are not supported by Don.

    I’ll add this info the unofficial topic.

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