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  • Hi all,
    I need some help, my problem is easy, I think :) but it is more than 2 hours that find a solution unseccesfully.

    I have a text like:
    I would like with 2 click select whole word but the symbol : unable me.
    I remember that in “ContextMenu” was possible set wich delemiters to use, but I don’t find this setting !!

    please help me tks!

  • Hello Stefano-Riccardi,



  • hello Claudia, it doesn’t work. I think that these delimiters are something other.

  • Hi @Stefano-Riccardi and @Claudia-Frank,

    The delimiters Claudia mentions actually work when you hold Ctrl key and double-left-click on a text. Everything in between the two delimiters set in Settings->Preferences->Delimiter gets selected.

    Stefano, that could be used if you specify the char immediately preceding and the char immediately following your text (neither should be present in the text you are about to select).
    For example if you have ‘<00:01:02:03>’ and specify as start delimiter the symbol ‘<’ and as stop - ‘>’ when you hold down Ctrl and double-left-click ‘inside’ 00:01:02:03 it would be selected.
    It is not exactly what you are looking for but could possibly be of use.

    Scintilla itself has the setting you mention but I haven’t seen an option in Notepad++ where you can change that.


  • thank you very much pnedev, now it is all clear.
    But unfortunely I need to choose which delemiter to use, more than one.

    Now I want to try scintilla editor, thank you all guys

  • please @pnedev can you indicate me where is the settings in SciTE ? I unable to find it :(

  • Hi @Stefano-Riccardi,

    It seems I have mislead you a bit with my previous post, sorry for that.
    By “Scintilla” I meant not the SciTE editor but the internal Notepad++ editor engine.
    Unfortunately you (as a user) cannot configure this. It is not difficult from programmatic perspective as this configuration is already a part of the editor engine.
    That’s what I meant.

    Best Regards,

  • @Stefano-Riccardi and @pnedev,

    it actually is working when using space as the delimiter.
    If there is a need to specify more delimiter to be treaten as wordpart then
    you need to extend the Wordchars which can be done using python script plugin
    and a script like

    chars = editor.getWordChars() + “@#_()[]”


  • Thank you guys, I am very grateful.

    @Claudia-Frank I am not a programmer, but if you can tell me more information about the script I can try.
    If it is too difficult … peace :)

  • @Stefano-Riccardi

    it depends what exactly you want to achieve.
    Should every document which gets opened be extended with additional chars or
    is it just a few which maybe have in common the file extension or is it more like
    now there is a document which needs this situation?
    First thing you need to do is to install the python script plugin either by using plugin manager or,
    because it way already reported that it happens that installation failed, using the msi from the website.

    Then we need to write a script, which depends on your requirements.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    I would like that every document opened be extended with additional chars.

    I installed Pyithon plugin :)

  • @Stefano-Riccardi

    Having python script installed gives you two ways to execute the needed python script.
    Either by doing it manually or by letting it execute when python script starts.
    The latter is done by changing the configuration Plugins->Python Script->Configuration
    At the bottom there is a dropbox called Initialisation which has per default Lazy
    and needs to be changed to ATSTARTUP.
    This means when npp starts, a users startup.py gets executed as well.
    Let’s create this startup.py goto Plugins->Python Script->New Script and name it, well, startup.py.
    Put the code from below into it and save it. Restart npp.
    type something like test:test in a temporary file and double click on it -> if everything went ok, it should be highlighted completely.

    So, what does the script. It registers two callbacks, one which gets called when notepad starts (callback_READY)
    and one which gets called whenever you open/switch to a new tab (callback_BUFFERACTIVATED). In both cases the
    function extendWordChar will be called.

    additionalChars is the only place where you need to modify it to your needs.
    Currently only colon has been defined as an additional wordchar.
    If you wan’t for example ? and [ as well as ] to be added then change

    additionalChars = ':'


    additionalChars = ':?[]'


    One word of warning, python is strict about tabbing, which means you
    need to indent code to make it run and in addition the tabs must be either
    a tab control char or spaces but not both mixed. In python community there is a silent
    agreement that spaces should be used but real tabs would work also.

    def extendWordChar():
        additionalChars = ':'
        chars = editor.getWordChars()
        if additionalChars not in chars:
            editor.setWordChars(chars + additionalChars)
    def callback_READY(args):
    def callback_BUFFERACTIVATED(args):
    notepad.clearCallbacks([NOTIFICATION.BUFFERACTIVATED ])
    notepad.callback(callback_READY, [NOTIFICATION.READY ])

    Did I forget something? Most likely but if there is something you wanna know, let me know ;-)


  • Hello @Claudia-Frank ,
    I am very gratefull for your help ! sorry for delay but I was very busy.

    Anyway, I created Phyton script and I copied and pasted your script, I checked tabbing. I restarted NP++, at start a pop up warn “Exception: Unknown exception”, I push ok and I tested hilighters function unsuccesfully.

    Can you still help me ?
    thank you

  • Hello @Stefano-Riccardi,

    what you describe sounds like an incomplete installation of python script plugin.
    I assume you installed it by using plugin manager, didn’t you?
    May I ask you to use the msi instead?


  • ooh sorry yes I use Scrip manager. I try remove all and reinstall it using your link… I update you…

  • @Claudia-Frank I removed the old installation and I have installed Plugin manually and now run very well !! thank you very much you are super :)

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