Need some Help with Filtering out my Text

  • I have a screenshot here:
    I want to remove everything that comes before “|” as well as the “|” itself. Or keep everything that has http:// and after.
    I’m very new to notepad ++ and would love some help on this issue! Thank you :)

  • Hello Aaron-Miller

    open replace dialog and put the following into find what:


    leave replace with empty.
    Select Regular expression in Search mode and press replace all.
    Keep a copy of the original data for safety ;-)

    What it does is

    .* look for every char until a | appears and if http follows, then make it a group
    to be reported back (known as match).

    As replace with hasn’t anything in it this group will be replacey with nothing.

    Hope this makes sense.


    Btw. I assume that | appears only once and directly before http

  • I do understand. It worked. Thank you so much Claudia!

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