How to search/replace newlines

  • I’m trying to replace multiple newlines in a file with a single newline, but having no luck.
    I tried searching for \n\n (with various options checked and unchecked), but fail to find any. I can find SINGLE newlines, but not two in a row, at least with this syntax.
    Could not find any help in the app.
    Any suggestions?

  • Hello Chuck-Puckett,

    keep in mind that windows uses \r\n as eol.
    Where as unix uses \n and mac \r.

    Maybe \r\n does the trick.


  • I find \r\n, and thanks for that. But my replacement attempts go astray.
    What I’m trying to do is make something like this

    line 1

    line 2

    line 3

    into this:

    line 1
    line 2
    line 3

    I can get of newlines in a selection by replacing \r\n with a space. But I need to eliminate empty lines.

    More ideas?

  • Assuming the empty line is really empty I would use regular expression and

    find what   : ^$
    replace with:

    If you press the show all characters, is the line really empty?


  • Didn’t think about that. Notepad++ is so much more than Notepad :)
    It shows CR LF at thened of each line, CR LF in the blank lines.
    Is that equivalent to ^$?

  • Not really
    ^ marks the beginnig of a line
    and $ the end.
    ^$ means you are looking for lines which basically have nothing then EOL chars.
    Therefore replacing wouldn’t hurt other lines.


    Btw. One thing i always forget Edit->Line operation->remove empty lines

  • Well, really, that last sentence was all I needed. :)
    Guess it’s time I spent some time roaming around Notepad++ menus instead of thinking I’m using my grandad’s Notepad. :)

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