NP++ & Wine (on linux) & Webdavs -- does it work?

  • Hi!

    I haven’t installed Wine on my linux, so before going thru all the “trial and error” (especially all the installing), I’d prefer to know first, has anyone been able to successfully work with webdavs files using NP++ under Wine/linux? During several years of usage, I’ve noticed that some combinations simply do not work when it comes to editing files on filesharing locations. As an example I can say Caja + Kate, Nautilus + Kate or Dolphin + Gedit. Considering how mere filemanager + editor combos alone can give headaches, I won’t be outright expecting NP++ to be able to deal with files shared thru webdavs. Which is why I’m asking here. Any experiences?

  • Hello @_F-3000_,

    I know wine and npp works but don’t have any experience using webdavs. I assume that it will work,
    when the web links are mounted into the filesystem as npp hasn’t any webdav driver/component builtin.