Notepad++ duplicate Code when File is openend

  • Hello!

    After updating Notpad to the latest Version, the Programm became a bit of spooky. When i doubleclick on a File in my Filezilla (doesn’t matter which file-type) Notpad++ will open it and duplicates the complete Code inside. So i have to manually delete the double Lines before i save the edited File.

    Could this be a Filezilla or a Notepad++ Problem?

    Greetings from Germany,

  • What version of Notepad++ and Filezilla are you using? Does it happen for all files or only specific types? You might also try making sure all of your plugins are disabled in case it is one of those causing the issue too.

  • Uses Notepad++ in Version 6.8.9 and Filezilla 3.15.0-rc1

    The Problem solved via a Filezilla Update to 3.15.01:

    Fix regression from 3.16.0-beta1 where extra data being appended to some downloaded files

    Anyway, thanks so far for the quick reply.

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