Help File - HTML page for Smart Highlighting missing

  • I’m a new user ad was working down the Help Files to familiarize myself with the application. Everything is fine until I got to Smart Highlighting. Can anyone point me to a copy of the smart-highlighting.html page so I can load it in my user_manual area?

  • Actually, I went to my directory which I should have done first and found the file. The file was misspelled. It was smart-highighting.html and needs to be smart-highlighting.html which is what the hyperlinks are looking for in the other Help files. I read the page but am unable to rename a Protected file…

  • Hello @Jim-Reid,

    thank you for pointing out this issue. In regards to renaming the file, if you right-click on the file and open
    Security tab you can select your user and choose Edit to assign the proper rights.


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