How to use variables in a sentence and be able to generate the sentence within a strict patern (function) and range ?

  • So I’ve been testing the macro function so far, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I hope someone know how to deal with this. The title basicly states the result where I’m looking for, but I’m going to give an example to make this more clear.

    Example sentence: “Function 2x: when x = [variable A] ; y = [Variable B]”
    Example paterns: [Variable A] = x ; [Variable B] = 2x
    Example range: -2 <= x >= 2 with +1 spead inbetween.

    Result in notepad:

    “Function 2x: when x = -2 ; y = -4”
    “Function 2x: when x = -1; y = -2”
    “Function 2x: when x = 0 ; y = 0”
    “Function 2x: when x = 1 ; y = 2”
    “Function 2x: when x = 2 ; y = 4”

    Thanks for your time !

  • I would certainly do this with a programming language, not Notepad++.

  • What would you recommend ?

  • @Tha-BeatBeest

    because you asking that kind of question I have to assume that you don’t know any programming or scripting language at all or
    that you want to achieve something together with npp which you didn’t mentioned yet.
    There is no one and only programming/scripting language. Every language has its strength and weakness and it simply depends on
    what you really want to achieve.


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