Apparently I am too stupid ...

  • … to find the editor command that will scroll the document to make the caret visible. I tried editor.goToPos( ), which I found in the PythonScript documentation, but it produces only “AttributeError: ‘Editor’ object has no attribute ‘goToPos’” in the console. Everything else I’ve found will put the caret where it is supposed to but won’t scroll the document to make it visible. Can any smart person out there clue me in?


  • Hello Matt,

    python is case sensitive

    >>> help(editor.gotoPos)
    Help on method gotoPos:
    gotoPos(...) method of Npp.Editor instance
        gotoPos( (Editor)arg1, (int)pos) -> None :
            Set caret to a position and ensure it is visible.

    Regarding scrolling, here is the documentation.


  • Ah! So not only too stupid, but also too blind to notice a singular deviation from otherwise very uniform use of camel case for function names. Unless “goto” is now a single English word in its own right and not just a programming command. Grumble grumble.

    Thanks again Claudia for getting me unstuck !!

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