The problem with SQL syntax highlighting with Cyrillic identifiers.

  • Now I get a picture with backlight.

    What to do? :(

  • Hello @Дмитрий-Трошин,

    you refer to line 15 don’t you?

    If so, use settings->style configurator->global styles->current line background and change the background color to white.


  • Excuse me, but the problem is the blue illuminated red. Red letters in the field identifiers and table names. Add a picture to illustrate the situation.

    ( Простите, но проблема в лишней подсветке красным. Красные буквы внутри идентификаторов полей и названий таблиц. Добавил картинку для пояснения ситуации. )

  • @Дмитрий-Трошин

    looks like this is an issue of the sql lexer. I tried different lexers and half of them do show the letters correctly,
    whereas the other half color some of the letters.


  • This is just a guess (sorry, not familiar enough with Cyrillic languages to test myself), but does the encoding of the file have anything to do with it? The older version of Notepad++ says ANSI, so if you select on the Encoding menu, Convert to ANSI, does that change anything?

  • Hello @glennfromiowa,

    in general, yes, but if one uses cyrillic letters I assume that he/she uses the appropriate encoding as well
    otherwise the chars aren’t displayed correctly anyway. In my case I used utf-8 and when comparing different
    lexers I can see that they behave differently. When putting all chars from 0x400 - 0x4ff in an document
    I would assume that these chars are black foreground and white background (my default setting),
    which is what is done.

    Now selecting e.g. SQL lexer, parts of the chars get colored blue while the rest stays black - not expected,
    all should still be colored black as the chars aren’t SQL keywords.
    When using python lexer anything is colored black again.

    Unfortunattely, there isn’t a pattern which chars get colored wrongly. Part of the lexers coloring the same
    chars incorrectly, whereas other lexers color other chars wrongly.


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