Pugin for Vivado

  • Hi,
    Being a FPGA -based hardware engineer and a great fan of Notepad++, I think Xilinx editor is still very far from being suitable compared to its design suites. In ISE I was always using Notepad++ and I still use Notepad++ for Vivado. I know Notepad++ recognizes VHDL and Verilog but I think a plugin recognizing all the Xilinx specific formats like .xdc constraint file for example, would be of great use for FPGA users like me.
    Thanks for your great editor ;)

  • Hello @Keyvan-Shahin,

    so you are asking for a Vivado lexer, correct?
    Or to extend the keywords of Verilog of VHDL lexer? (which, by the way, can be done by yourself using style configurator)


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