Pleas Help! I just lost months of hard works.

  • It’s as if my house has just been wiped out completely. I started using the Notepad++ month ago to avoid lost documents issue I was having with windows notepad.

    Notepad++ is really great for me with its robustness and ability to create and open multiple pages current.

    I have been using it and saving all my works on multiple pages there for months until this morning when I opened it, 10 pages of saved docs are gone! And only 2 pages left. I have checked all my desktops files to find them but to no avail.

    Please is there any hope of get resolving this … Thanks you all.

  • @Seyi-M

    when saying 10 pages of saved docs are gone I assume you refer to the list of recently used files which is shown
    when opening the file menu. If so, this doesn’t mean those files are gone. If you think that the files have been deleted than
    software like recuva can help.


  • You could try finding your documents in Windows Explorer, then right click on them and see if the “Previous Verisons” tab lets you restore to a prior copy. Do you perform backups on your computer? If not you should! Hard drives die frequently and sometimes you get no warning .

  • @Claudia-Frank , Thanks!

    Although, the “recuva” brought up a lot of file but it is not bringing any thing partaining to Notepad++ even with the “advance search” features. This is very strange, for months I always have those opened pages/menu list there whenever I opened Notepad++.

    And it wasnt as if my computer crashed and nothing of that nature. The only thing I remember doing last night before I went to bed was used “cc cleaner” which I have used many times before and no issue. Could this be a problem now?

    Concidentally “recuva” was made by the same people who made “cc cleaner” which should have helped in finding the missing files but that wasnt the case. Pls any other suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks again

  • @Seyi-M,

    yes, this can be a problem as they have notepad++ included as app which can be cleaned and guess what,
    it cleans the session information but this means that only the LIST which file should be loaded has been
    deleted, not the files themself. They should be still somewhere on your disc.


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