How do i translate .log.gz files?

  • Hello,
    I am trying to work out how to translate .log.gz files…
    I Co-Host a minecraft server and when i open the downloaded log files, it doesn’t translate it, i think it comes up as binary or something like that

    The thing is, it is the same on Notepad++…

    Example: Click Here

    I have just downloaded the software, and am new to it. can anyone tell me how to translate it to English? any help would be appreciated.

  • @Thomas-Jordan
    gz are compressed files uses something like winzip, 7zip to uncompress first.


  • @Thomas-Jordan
    This forum section is about Notepad++ interface translation, and it’s nothing to do with translation of other unrelated things!

    log.gz files are not part of Notepad++, so it’s not related here.

    You ask about a general Notepad++ usage, please go with “Help wanted” forum section with such questions.


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