How to activate function lists in Notepad++

  • The question might sound stupid.

    I am using NP++ 6.8.8 (the latest I addording the homepage)

    I would like to use the function list (basically as described here), with nothing special, just to see PHP-functions.

    I can open the function list window, but don’t see any functions.

    Do I need to do something to get this working?

    The functionList.XML - in the NPP installation directory - looks OK.
    I have not used function lists until now, but know it worked some time back.

  • Check to see if there is a functionList.xml file in your %APPDATA% directory. If it looks like that one is missing support for PHP then just delete it.

  • FunctionList.xml ist there - as I wrote above - and looks ok (??). At least if I look at it like in the linked document reference.

  • Assuming you did the default install there will be two versions of functionList.xml. One in the same directory as notepad++.exe and one in the appdata directory.

  • @dail: Thanks that solved it.

    This in the %APPDATA% has only 3 Languages in there, while the one in the Programm-Directory has many languages defined.
    So deleting (acutally renaming) the file in the %APPDATA% made the other definition-file work.

    Then there WAS just anothe slight issue, that the functions in PHP have not been recognised when the <?PHP ist not properly closed with the ?> (Reported here

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