Pictures and Videos

  • I know it seems stupid but how do u load a image and video(coding pls) onto notepad so that ur website will have the image and video.

  • @Daniel-Wayne-Farr

    notepad++ is an text editor, images and videos are, normally, binary files .
    You don’t want to use npp while editing those files, an hex editor would be
    the better choice.

    But what has a website to do with??

    A website is located on a webserver and the website is normally written
    in HTML and/or scripting languages like php, java, python etc…
    If you want to have an image or video included you need to upload the files
    by using some file transfer protocol like ftp, sftp, samba etc… and then you
    need to reference its location within your web document or reference its external

    I guess my answer is now as confusing as your question, isn’t it?


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