Make Notepad++ Default Program

  • How do I make notepad ++ the default program in Windows 10? It doesn’t show up as an option in default programs.

  • Hello @Gerald-Hanley,

    what do you mean by default program in windows 10?
    Do you mean, open, let’s say txt files with npp always?
    If so, right click on the txt file,
    ->press change button
    ->more apps
    ->scroll down
    ->look for another app on this pc
    ->goto npp install directory and select npp


  • For .TXT file, it is ok.

    How can I make NPP as default program to open a no-extension file? Exam: “Makefile” (a special file, containing shell commands, that you create and name makefile, Makefile…)

  • @Công-Cà-Chớn

    you need to hack the registry. (regedit.exe)

    Under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT create a key . (a dot)
    under the dot key create a key shell
    under shell key create a key open
    under open key create a key command
    so you should have


    doube click the default icon in the right pane and put in the complete path to npp and add %1.
    The path to npp should be encased by double quotes so something like

    “D:\ProgramData\notepad++\notepad++.exe” %1

    Of course with your installation path.

    Close regedit, done.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Yeah, thanks for your support. It’s very good.

  • For Windows 7 but I think for 10 will be very similar
    Very easy non-registry method:

    1.Run Npp as Administrator.
    2.Settings->Preferences->File Association
    3.Choose from ‘Supported extenstions’, e.g. “.txt” and add it to “Registered extensions”.
    This gives Notepad++ as an option in windows context menu when clicking “Open with…”->“Choose default program…”
    This was NOT possible before by simple navigation into Npp install folder (cause it was not pre-listed in the proposed applications by Windows)

    1. Tataaaan!

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