Feature request - find in files/ctags/cscope

  • I use the find in files feature a lot, it is a bit slow but invaluable. I wonder though if the search process could run in the background so that I can continue using the editor? The progress bar is a nice touch but it still blocks all further use of the editor.

    Also I have yet to get any of the ctags/cscope plugins to work or the installer suggests that they should not be installed, I believe these should be built into npp.

  • For searching, I sometimes use GrepWrap. It can exclude files and directories based on regular expressions (e.g. don’t search any directory starting with “Build” or “Tool”). It is a completely separate program that uses GNU grep. Search-engine it ™ :-).

    For tagging, I use a version of the TagsJump plug-in for NPP that I have modified somewhat for my own needs. I recommend you try it out if you have not yet done so.

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