Writing Protection Icon

  • I frequently use Notepad++ to open various files at a time, some of which must not be changed (serving as “templates” or “reference guides”) while I write to others. I thus activate writing protection for the files that must not change.

    While I can distinguish unchanged and (unsaved) modified files at one glance (the tab icon of unchanged files is blue, that for modified files is red), it is impossible to distinguish the write-protected files from the writeable ones (the former have a grey icon only when the respective tab is selected, otherwise, the icon is blue like for all other unmodified files).

    Is it possible to see a different tab icon for write-protected files at all times? That would be very helpful for navigating between the various documents.

    (Vaguely related to this, it seems that the write-protection state is not persisted across Notepad++ sessions. Is that intentional?)

    Thank you!

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