Windows 10 Right-click Context Menu

  • The installer for Notepad++ 6.7 inserts an ‘Open with Notepad++’ into the Windows Explorer right-click context menu. One or many files can be highlighted and then clicking on the Open will have Notepad++ open then all. I have had upwards of 50 files opened at once this way. Why is not relevant. Notepad++ does it and i like it.
    However the installer for Notepad++ 6.8.8 does not insert this entry. You can only open 1 file at a time from a file listing (Windows Explorer or other), or open a directory to open a listing and open them all once NP is started.
    I don’t know what version i had before updating to 6.8.8 so i don’t know when the menu item stopped being inserted. I have just now uninstalled 6.8.8 and on a chance gone to 6.7 which does insert the item.
    Would development please check into this change and please re-enable it.

  • @Laurin-Green

    just did a quick test and installed 6.8.8 on windows 10 x64 and the Edit with Notepad++ is there.
    Are you sure that, during install, you didn’t uncheck the box which asked for context menu entry?


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Claudia, you are correct. On the last install (6.8.8) instead of hovering over that checkbox to display its info, i now remember clicking on the item. Totally my error.
    I have just done a couple of test installs with/without that checked, and yes the feature that i want does/does not appear.
    Thanks for testing and responding.
    … cheers, Laurin

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