[Feature request] and help with Find and replace

  • Hi everybody !
    First, I want say, I check NP++ webpage every day in awaiting of new program update. I strongly hope, my 1 month old useful requests may appear:
    #1, Ability to delete Auto-Inserted (Auto-Completion Preferences menu) half of dual symbol (parenthesis, brackets, curly braces, quotas…) by pressing Backspace. It means to remove whole double symbol by deleting it’s first half wrote manually in origin.

    #2, Ability to delete Tabbed whitespaces (by pressing Backspace), transformed to regular spaces due to Tab Settings in Preferences; in sense of one Backspace = one deleted tabbed whitespace. It means not x-times pressed Backspace to delete one tabbed whitespace.

    #3, Ability to reset key bindings to default from GUI. For beginners who never used such poweful notepad and are trying to find their own efficient work habits.

    #4, Ability to exclude numbers from Auto-Completion.
    And ability to exclude specific strings from Auto-Completion per file or default for anything opened !

    However, meanwhile I would like to request little modification belongs to Find and replace window (ctrl + h).
    This popup window has in down right corner chevrons to enlarge itself by user. But it does not work ! ( I use windows 7 ultimate 32 bit) It’s problem for me, because I use this feature often when I have to find and replace whole lines of text. It’s hard to edit everything in those small “Find what:”, “Replace with:” bars(text field).
    #5, Ability to enlarge that window and with resizing should be enlarging those bars, not only window of course.

    Help question:
    With using this Replace feature, I don’t know how write Tab into text field, because when I press Tab key, it jumps to other clickable thing in that window.
    #A, How write tabs into text field in Replace window ?

    Other issue with tabs:
    Suppose, you select whole 2 lines of code like here: http://i.imgur.com/9Uu230B.png
    Now you put it into text field in Replace window and it will looks like this:
    This is same thing, I just moved more right in text to show you that this second Tab whitespace is not same length as first:
    #B, Why Tab whitespaces at lines start are in different length in compare with SAME Tab whitespace but in middle of text field, from other line ? It drives me crazy, because when I need to make new line, and tabbed from beginning, I dont know how write Tab into text field and whether it will be same type Tab whitespace. Please explain.

    Thank you anyone for help

  • Overall these are all great ideas…

    #1, Ability to delete Auto-Inserted half of dual symbol

    This is a nice idea. Alot of other IDEs do it. I think it is a bit harder to do in code though.

    #2, Ability to delete Tabbed whitespaces (by pressing Backspace)

    This is technically possible, although Notepad++ does not provide the ability to enable this feature. Scintilla provides the SCI_SETBACKSPACEUNINDENTS option that would have to be enabled by a plugin.

    #3, Ability to reset key bindings to default from GUI.

    Also nice to have. And in general a good overhaul of the entire shortcut mapper ;)

    #4, Ability to exclude numbers from Auto-Completion

    Agreed. I usually turn part of Auto-Completion off because of all unneeded “suggestions”. Per file would be more difficult.

    #5, Ability to enlarge that window and with resizing should be enlarging those bars, not only window of course.

    There are some other plugins that provide finding/replacing that may be more to your liking. I’ve never used it but someone mentioned a plugin called “ToolBucket” that allows multi-line find/replace.

    #A, How write tabs into text field in Replace window ?

    Make sure you set the “Search Mode” to “Extended”. Then you can use \t to find or replace tab characters.

  • hi dail
    default replace thingy in NP++ does allow multiline, but it looks like crap. you only may move through text with arrow keys left, right. or just total beginning or end. i cant imagine editing more than 2 lines with it !

    about tab, i dont want search for tabs. i just need to write a tab space into text field to match other lines in file. i want just regularly press ctrl + h and somehow write on start of line a tab,

    AND ! i forgot to ask an important question:
    #C, How is possible let NP++ know about new line ? when i want write into text field for replace a new line. for example in Find text field will be our selected two existing lines and in Replace text field will be those lines AND new line with other text. i dont know how to do it

  • Hey
    Excited about new version, but sadly none of suggested things appeared.
    Please please cmon

  • Most of these suggestions are non-trivial. Feature requests don’t just magically appear in the program. People have to donate their time to implement these features. You are more than welcome to make the necessary code modifications so they will be in the next release.

  • I barely started learning code(and in python3). But I know I want as my best tool - notepad Notepad++ for the rest of times.
    That’s why I feel really flustrated, when it’s missing those basic features to me.
    And if me- as beginner need it, how about all those years old programmers ? I’m getting confused, what they use ? A Atom ?

  • People experienced with text editors come to Notepad++ from “somewhere else”. For me, it was Multi-Edit. When this shift occurred, I was very used to the way Multi-Edit did things, and the first thing I did was attempt to configure Notepad++ very much as I had Multi-Edit configured. I was largely successful…for the remainder, I adapted to Notepad++'s way of doing things. My advice to you would be to do the same, come to the conclusion that Notepad++ is one of the best (and most cost-effective) options out there, and just settle yourself into using it, warts and all.

  • By the way, my first stop after Mult-Edit was PSPad, and although I didn’t find that editor bad at all, after trying Notepad++ for a bit I went with it 100% and have never looked back.

  • Well my first editor was ISPF and NO, I’m not that old. ;-)

    But my answer to the “why do the old programmers not miss my feature requests”
    would be, we are all individuals, some like it that way others don’t.


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