6.9 Folder as Workspace Sorting Options

  • Hi,
    I’m running NPP 6.9 on a Windows 7 box. I love the new ‘Folder as Workspace’ feature!

    I do have one question - is there a way to control how the files get sorted in the list? Right now they appear to be sorted by modified-date, and I would like to be able to sort them alphabetically (or by other means like extension, or even switch back to modified date).

    I didn’t see anything in the options to allow me to control this yet. I know this is a new feature so I am hoping it will mature over time. But if there is an under-the-hood option somewhere available now, that would be awesome.

    Many thanks,
    Rich G.

  • Hello @Rich-Goldman,

    jfyi that it has been addressed.


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