Using 6.8.8, choose Update Notepad++, get message "NO update is available"

  • I saw Notepad++ 6.9 was released a few days ago. When I try to update from 6.8.8, I get the message “NO update is available.” How can this be? Does 6.8.8 not have clear update path to 6.9? I was able to update an older version of Notepad++ on another machine to 6.9 successfully.

    Is it safe to download the latest update package from Git or website, and install? Or should I wait for update package to be available from within the app?

  • Hello @Patrick-Moore,

    it takes normally a few days before it can be updated. I assume Don just wants to be sure
    that everything is ok.


  • @Claudia-Frank thank you for your reply! This makes sense. But, then, why could I update one version on one machine, but not the newer version on second machine? Shouldn’t both software on both machines have same reply, that no update is available? I used same in-app procedure (? menu > Update Notepad++) on both machines, and only one could update (the version that was older than 6.8.8).

  • @Patrick-Moore,

    I just tried it, Windows 10 x64 npp 6.8.7 installed.
    Clicked on Update and I was offered npp 6.8.8. Installed it and
    yes, it is npp 6.8.8. So I assume that you just updated
    to 6.9 in a situation/timeslot where it was possible but as of now
    it seems it is not possible yet.


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