Very Light printout of text npp

  • Hi folks -

    Have been loving notepad++ (npp) for years - great job Don Ho! Using latest v6.9

    Hopefully someone can give me a hint to fix this - I have tried everything I can think of. Running Win10 on desktop PC, works great, up to date.

    printing out from notepad to my B&W brother laser printer; standard txt file -> comes out with VERY FAINT TEXT BODY of file, but the header/footer are in normal deep black.

    Settings-print is set to black on white. When I print - it is to the Brother HL 1440 as expected. The printer settings are NOT on toner saving setting.

    The language menu shows “Normal text” as it should.

    The text in the notepad tab/editor is black on white.

    If I cut and paste the text in the file to standard windows Notepad, or to LibreOffice writer, or to MS word, the text body prints out the usual deep black.

    Have tried playing with npp config files - no luck.

    I almost wonder if npp is somehow seeing the text as in some color, and is translating it to a gray “color” for the B&W printer? The other apps print the same text in a normal deep black to the same printer.

    Hope somebody can suggest a hint or provide direction for more research… got to be a setting in npp.

    Many thanks - Rick

  • Settings > Print > any change in result if you set Colour Options to WYSIWYG option?

    Settings > Style Configurator > any change in result if you set Font Name to some other monospace font? You’ll need to select Default Style in the Style list. Alternate monospace on Windows is “Lucida Sans Typewriter”

  • @Patrick-Moore

    Thanks for the ideas - tried various combinations, but no luck; printouts still very light, except for headers/footers


  • @Richard-Stiphout

    Tried something else - removed NPP 6.9 via control panel, programs and features

    Used CCleaner , cleaned out remaining files; cleaned the registry with ccleaner. Rebooted back into Win10.

    Tried printing the ‘npp changes file’ after reinstalling npp 6.9.

    Still printing out very light!!! with nice dark headers and footers.

    So it does not appear to be any changes I made to the settings over time that affected it. Happens with clean install. My system otherwise works great, gets regular malware/virus checks.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again, Rick

  • If you go to Settings->Preferences->Print, is bold checked off on the headers/footers? Are fonts specified there, or just the size?

    Do you have a pdf printer that you can try printing to? Like Adobe PDF or CutePDF?

  • @mookiefdr

    Header is checked; footer is not; they both print out dark; only the font size, not the font type is displayed (font type box is blank for both)

    PDF print is dark; in fact, everything else I have cut and pasted into is printed dark without settings adjustments (MS Office, Libreoffice, Adobe Reader, MS Notepad)

    thanks, Rick

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