help on a formula, please?

  • Hi, I need some help please.

    I asked a question some time back on this site, and now i need another answer.

    take this setup for example:

    BEGIN “[i 0]” Type Wife Age 7200.000 SkinColour 0x000000ff END
    BEGIN “[i 1]” Type Son Age 7200.000 SkinColour 0x000000ff END
    BEGIN “[i 2]” Type Tree SubType 5 Pos.x 10.49121 Pos.y 111.7811 Age 7200.000 END
    BEGIN “[i 3]” Type Tree SubType 2 Pos.x 13.77533 Pos.y 34.22266 Age 7200.000 END

    someone already told me how to modify the “Age” of a “Tree” earlier…
    ? Open the Replace dialog ( CTRL + H )
    ? Select the Regular expression search mode
    ? Preferably, check the Match case option
    ? Check the Wrap around option, if necessary
    ? In the Find What zone, type Age \K.+(?= END)
    Remark : There a space, before the word Age AND after it, as well as before the word END !
    ? In the Replace with zone, type, simply, the string 7200.000
    ? Click on the Replace All button
    Et voilà !

    but HERE IS THE QUESTION: how do i alter the steps to make sure it only includes the “Tree” Age??

  • no one knows how to search and replace the age values in the last two “Tree” lines only??

  • Is there a reason why having the same topic open twice??
    This isn’t very kind, isn’t it.


  • Hello Harry,

    I’m the one, who posted this reply to Clearinghouse Forsale, three months ago, about ! Refer to the link below :

    And indeed, reading again this old post, I just realize that I didn’t pay enough attention to the line :

    now as you see, i have alot of lines that state begin…type tree…age ##### end

    So, the replacement should occur, ONLY IF the lines contain the word Tree, before the word Age !

    In that case, just change the search regex as :

     Tree .* Age \K.+(?= END$)


    • There a space, BEFORE and AFTER the words Tree and Age, and a space BEFORE the last word END !

    • I also added the $ symbol, to be sure that we search for the word END, at the very end of each line

    NOTES :

    • This time, the search regex is looking, FIRST, for any text, in a same line, between a first occurrence of the word Tree and a last occurrence of the word Age ( Tree .* Age )

    • Due to the \K form, this previous match is, then, forgotten by the regex engine

    • Next, it tries to match a non empty list of characters (.+)

    • But, ONLY IF that list is followed with a space and the word END, which ends the current line ( (?= END$) ). So it selects the exact number, only, between the word Age and the keyword END !

    Best Regards,


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