Search function help!

  • The search feature is no longer working for me! When I type in what I would like to search for, it comes up with zero results. When I highlight the text, it comes back with only one result (the text I had just highlighted), even if there are multiple instances of the highlighted text. I have tried checking/unchecking “Match whole word only”, “Match case”, etc.; it is set to “Normal” Search Mode; I have tried Direction Up and Down.

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

  • Hello @Kevin-Lam,

    does a npp restart solve the issue?
    If not,

    • can you post the debug info (? menu)
    • can you post a screenshot (e.g. of this behaviour?


  • What worked for me to restore results window, was find the Notepad++ directory under AppData and delete it!

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