Hit keys _ Mac

  • I would really thank you for this nice simple program
    in fact I left Mac cause you don’t release any version in Mac’s platform
    will you release it _ ?
    second :
    when keys are pressed over keyboard _ is there any preference which make me listening a sound like I listen to the key hits _ ?

  • Hello @AL-Hasan-Haj-Asaad,

    I’m not quite sure if I understand your question correctly.
    Do you want a sound to be played while pressing a key?
    If so, npp doesn’t support this natively. I assume it can be solved
    but as said, I’m not sure whether I understood your question correctly.


  • @Claudia-Frank said:


    Yes It is so
    Sad …
    Mac platform still a big problem
    I don’t know why does not a big program such NPP++ support this platform _?

  • Hello @AL-Hasan-Haj-Asaad

    Mac platform still a big problem

    there are different possibilities to run notepad++ on a mac (not natively but it is possible)
    A) run npp within a vm -> parallels support windows
    B) use software like winebottles to run npp on mac

    I don’t know why does not a big program such NPP++ support this platform _?

    npp uses windows api heavily and os’s like osx and linux do have different api,
    so in order to support those os’s you need to either provide three different versions
    or introduce an additional layer which abstracts each os api with the benefit to slow
    down npp execution.

    In regards to your question,
    is a bit of a hack and works only if char is added.
    What needs to be done first is described here

    The script itself

    import winsound
    soundfile = "C:\Windows\Media\chimes.wav"
    def callback_CHARADDED(args):
        winsound.PlaySound(soundfile, winsound.SND_FILENAME)

    Of course you need to change the path to the soundfile.


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