Missing quick print button in the toolbar

  • Hi,

    With Notepad++ 6.9, there is a change in the UI.
    The print button in the toolbar is no more associated to “Quick print” or “Imprimer immédiatement”.
    Instead, the button opens the print dialog.
    How can I have the button linked to quick print again ?

    Thanks in advance, best regards,
    Laurent Lyaudet

  • Hello @Frédéric-Bagnol,

    you are right, it has been replaced with the dialog. What you can do is either assign a shortcut to the print now function or use
    the plugin customize toolbar, check custom buttons, restart npp and edit …\plugins\Config\CustomizeToolbar.btn with
    something like

    File,Print Now,,,custom-icon-1.bmp


  • Hello Claudia,

    Thanks for the answer. I have already assigned a shortcut to the print now function and I’m happy with this solution.
    I don’t know if I will use the Customize toolbar plugin but it will probably help someone else.
    I’m using a professional GMail account linked to Frédéric Bagnol from my company who created the account since I don’t use my personnal GMail account at work.

    Best regards,
    Laurent Lyaudet

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