UDL 2.0 Question - Recognizing syntax

  • Picture!

    See picture above. I’m trying to get UDL to recognize ‘RESEARCH:’

    So the semicolon syntax is what I want UDL to identify as defining a function (Is it called a function at this point or a subscript? Its been a while since I’ve coded in text :( )

    I know this is probably a rudimentary question and I’ve looked through the UDL site, but haven’t resolved it myself.

  • Hello @Steven-Epps,

    the following is assumed

    a) RESEARCH isn’t a keyword but a function
    b) the colon appears only on functions

    if so, I would define a delimiter with ((A B C D E F …)) as open and : as closed
    … needs to be all remaining letters of course.


  • Lol… :)

  • Dear @Steven-Epps,

    I have to apologize, I don’t know what got into me posting such a nonsens.
    With current version of UDL you cannot highlight strings based on a suffix.
    What you could do so is to use e.g. F_ as unique identifier for functions
    and define delimiter start F_ and end :
    So, F_RESEARCH: would get highlighted.


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