Delete Auto-Inserted Character on Delete of Typed Character

  • Hello,

    Is it currently possible to automatically delete a matched pair character when originally typed character is deleted? This is particularly helpful in cases where you mistakenly type an auto-insert character. I guess Undo is itself a workaround, but muscle memory tends to lead me to the backspace key.


    Type single double-quote, second quote is matched and cursor is inside. Delete left double-quote but right double-quote remains.

    Sample Gif

    Reference -

    Thank you

  • What you really want, is the ability to select the quoted object in its entirety (then Del would remove it). A double click selects inside the quotes.

    Mathematica has a very useful feature in which a double click does the same as NP++, but then a triple click selects the next larger syntactical expression (the string in the quotes in this example), and so on for quadruple clicks etc.

    This would be an incredibly useful and general feature to have in NP++.


  • jtbrough:
    yes yes yes
    i was talking about it for months ! nobody listened to me or wanted it. i absolutelly don’t understand it. all other notepads, ides has this simple feature.
    this is hell nonsense that most fast most efficient programming notepad in world has not this feature. it’s damn shame !

  • I do agree too ! I would be a very very nice feature !

  • bump this !
    it’s wanted feature damn it

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