[New Plugin] 3P : The Progress Programmers Pal

  • Hello community,

    I would like to present a new plugin, created to help people write 4GL Progress code with Notepad++. It is a pretty big project, that aims to transform Notepad++ into a powerful Progress editor (may I say IDE?). It provides :

    • a custom auto-completion with keywords categories and smart filtering
    • tool-tips on every keywords/variables and so on
    • a code explorer to quickly navigate through your code
    • a file explorer to easily access all your sources
    • more than 50 options to better suit your needs
    • the ability to run/compile and even PROLINT your source file with an in-line visualization of errors
    • and so much more!

    Check out the website here.
    The plugin is written in C# and published under GPLv3 licence, you can browse/download the code on github.

    Obviously, this project is targeted to a reduced amount of people (those who code in progress!). But it actually contains 2 sub projects that I will export as soon as possible, one is a framework to create windows applications easily (that look like 3P), the second would be a better base for .net plugins.

    Thank you for reading, any feedback or questions are welcome!

  • Hello @greenzest,

    looks impressive. Thanks for contributing/sharing to/with npp community.

    One question, do you really use ObjectListView 1.2.1?
    Current version is 2.9.0 with a lot of fixes and improvments.


  • Hi Claudia,

    You probably read the name of a commit made for the version 1.2.1 of 3P!
    I’m using the latest version of the awesome OLV ;)