Tab woes - help needed

  • Hi all

    I have been using Google Docs for note taking and general data storage for a while and would like to port my data into text files, the main reason being is that I want my data in a non proprietary format.

    I issue I have is this: if I create a document in Notepad++ with tabbed indents and then open it in another text editor (notepad, textedit, wordpad etc)
    The tabbing is all over the place.

    If anyone can offer an explanation I would be grateful

  • Hello @Doug-Byrt,

    when formatting text by indenting the critical component is the font.
    As long as all editors uses the same font, with the same size, there is a good chance that the
    formatted text looks the same.

    The next point is, how do you intend? By using the tab?
    I assume so, editors can have different settings in regards to the width of a tab because
    it is possible that a tab is represented by spaces. One editor might set 4 space per tab
    whereas another one sets 2 spaces or 8 …

    and monospaced fonts are most suitable when formatting text.

    You maybe wanna check out this post from guy038 or this article at codeproject.


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