Notepad++ crashes when opening from Explorer's shell, Open With.

  • I’ve noticed this before in a previous version, but it is now consistent (or maybe I’m just more curious and bothered to check the ability to replicate).

    So, I use an open dialogue, right click on a file (some .xml file in this case) and then select Open With and then select Notepad++. From there I get a crash. Notepad++ is already open at the time.

    I tried the same procedure to open it without Notepad++ already running and it works, but then I found that all of the documents that I had open and not saved were not open (weren’t originally saved) or were reverted back (modified, but not saved).

    Dragging and dropping works without problems.

  • Hello @Jack-Adrian-Zappa,

    can you post the ?->debuginfo ?


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