Open and close all active notepad++ windows

  • Hi, I’ve used notepad++ for years, and have been quite happy about it. However, I have a small problem; When I code, I usually have 3-8 different notepad++ Windows open, with everyone Window having 10-20 different documents open in tabs (and since someone asks, why, answer is simple; I usually never shutdown my comp, usually have 30+ uptime, and I code many projects)

    When I close notepad++, it really, really really annoys me that there’s no feature that closes ALL the Windows and tabs, and when launching the app next time, it would restore them. Google Chrome has this feature, and I’m hoping that one day notepad++ would have it too.

    Is there a chance this feature could be implemented?

  • Hello @Mikko-Rinne,

    could be a solution to save each npp window as a different session and start npp
    with the -openSession FULL_PATH_TO_SESSION_FILE ?


  • Unfortunatly no. I’ve tried that, but saving / restoring every session is painful atleast. Sure, a bit less painful than opening all the files one by one, but I usually forget to save the session in the first place.

  • Perhaps the Session Manager plug-in could help?

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