Can Word Wrap be told to use the vertical line?

  • Notepad++, as a multipurpose text editor, doesn’t have many flaws, but this I feel has been overlooked. The vertical line, configurable to any character limit, is an excellent tool, but the Word Wrap mode in the View Menu ignores it completely, always wrapping to the full window width. I know I can resize the window to the blue line, but this doesn’t work well in all cases (such as narrow line widths; the toolbars and menus start to get funky). I also prefer a little “breathing room” within the real estate of the editor so I can clearly see the end margin.

    Is there a setting that makes Word Wrap obey the vertical line when shown? If not, can this be added to the to-do list?

  • Hello @Keith-Shannon,

    imho, that isn’t possible yet and in addition I don’t see how it can be implemented easily.
    The reason for this is that the underlying scintilla component doesn’t allow to set a
    predefined width.

    What could be done, as long as it is text you wanna reformat and not code, is using split lines
    which takes care about the vertical line but the split is always done by word boundaries.

    CTRL+A and CTRL+I

    will give you an idea about this.


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