how notepad++ retains files that are on a server (v6.9)

  • Has there been a change on how notepad++ retains files that are on a server (linux) are retained after closing it down and dropping the connection to the server?

    I upgrade regularly to the latest version. Recently when I log in in the morning files that I was editing over on a linux box no longer are in a tab. When I accidentally left a file unsaved overnight - it was still in its tab but when I tried to save it I was offered a folder on my PC instead of saving the file in its folder on the linux box.

    Is there a setting that I need to make?

    BTW fantastic editor … I could not do without it…

  • Hello @Allan-Biggs,

    this is a normal behaviour, even for files on the local pc.
    When the “original” file can’t be accessd anymore npp asks whether it should
    save it anyway.


  • At the point that it asked me where to save the file the network connection was re-established

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