The emmet plugin is not working for a long time

  • When I type the patten of div>a then press Ctrl+Alt+Enter,but emmet not expand,and select top menu Plugins - Emmet - Expand is same

    It maybe problem with python script,check it please,thanks^-^

  • Hello @86868057,

    yes, emmet relies on python script plugin so install latest python script and emmet plugins and it should work.


  • I hope you have resolved the issue that you had with emmet. Please note that Ctrl+Alt+Enter is also set to create a newline in the Notepad++ key configuration.

    Please change it to a TAB and then if you still have a problem re-install emmet and the latest python script manually.

    I extracted and copied each file manually to the required Notepad folder.
    The auto install via plugin manager failed for me.

    • Copy python27.dll to Notepad++ root folder under program files

    • Go to Notepad++ Plugins and paste the pythonscript.dll and pythonscript folder

    • Copy emmet contents to the plugin folder.

    • Relaunch and map TAB to expand emmet short hand.

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