For project, reload all files when opening project

  • So if you are working on a project and have 15 files open. Next time I always find my self reopening all those files incase a co worker have been doing changes on those. Would it be possible to reload all those files when I connect to the project through the npp ftp plugin, or if I can load my project folder somehow. This should be discussed, but it would save me a lot of time. If this is possible already, please enlight me how to accomplish this.

    Best Regards

  • Hello Medda,

    I’m not sure if I understand your setup correctly. Currently I’m under the impression that your project needs
    to be loaded from a ftp source and those source can be accessed by co-workers as well.
    How do you know which files have changed? Doesn’t make git/svn/… more sense?
    Could you try to explain your setup in more detail? Maybe we can find a way which suits you more than the current solution.


  • Hi Claudia, git could make some sense, but it would be nice if I connect to a ftp, all the files that I havent closed in np++ gets reloaded when I connect to source (ftp). Could be a popup asking if you want the files to reload from source (ftp) incase you only lost the connection and you know you are the one with the latest file changes and havent uploaded your last changes. I hope this explains it more. I would prefer not to always be connected through git or other 3rd party programs handling commits and versions.

    The scenario is I work with 15 files in a project, I dont close the files in my np++ and go home from work in the afternoon. In the night someone else have made some changes to the same files. In the morning I launch my np++, the nppftp should reload the files I have open when I connect to the ftp. Does this explains it better?

    Also I have not looked into the project folder feature yet, but would be nice if every nppftp connection would be saved as a project, that when you launch it, all the files you were working with in that project last time could be reloaded automatically if the files still exists at the same location. That would be freakn awesome! Maybe show up as a tab in the loaded files menu or something. If you need more info, just let me know :)


  • Hi Medda,

    I guess I understand it better now, thanks for clarification.
    Unfortunattely your request can’t be easily solved as nppFTP is plugin
    and project a builtin component, which means they can’t interact, well,
    it isn’t intended that both communicate with each other.

    That files get loaded automatically, when connection to ftp server has been
    established, needs to be a function from nppFTP plugin, therefore nppFTP
    author needs to implement this.

    In regards to the project function to reload, as said, no communication with nppFTP plugin.


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