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  • Good morning

    I wonder if there is a “text wrap” pluin, i.e. a snippet similar ti the one in DW that “wraps” selected text with a “before” and “after” text.

    Thanks for your help

  • Hello @Jean-Pierre-Moularde,

    I’m sorry I don’t understand what you are looking for as I, maybe others as well, don’t know DW editor.
    Can you give us an example which describes your wish?
    Btw. I assume you already know that there is something called word wrap (View->word wrap) !?


  • Thanks for your answer

    DW is the well known “DreamWeaver”.

    What I’m looking for is straightforward:
    Step 1: you select a part of text, e.g. “Welcome World!”
    Step 2: you click on a button named “bold”, for instance
    Step3: you get <b>“Welcome World!”</b>

    I found a Plugin, called “SnippetPlus” which allows to perform that function, but the interface to create a new snippet needs to be improved.

  • Hello,

    You can as well try WebEdit plugin (you can find it in Plugin Manager).


  • Thanks
    Now the point is to get rid of these basic unnecessary tags and replace them by what I need, i.e. a collection of about 20 snippets, most of them being more than 10 lines long.
    In fact it’s the same issue as SnippetPlus: they do the “wrapping” job, but it doesn’t seem easy to create new snippets.

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