Trying to implement jEdit feature by Notepad++ macro.... and failing

  • I’m hoping to migrate from jEdit to Notepad++ but there’s one thing stopping me at present.
    jEdit has a very quick and useful search mode whereby I can select a word, press ALT + . (for example) and the current document is searched for all occurances, producing a hyperlinked list of search results in a pane on the left of the main edit window.
    I can achieve this by a sequence of search operations - essentially its a Find All in File - using menus and keypresses, but when I record a macro, save and play back it does not work. I suspect that the search text is being recorded as part of the macro rather than the macro using whatever text is currently selected at time of playback.
    Does anyone have any ideas of how to achieve this function?

  • Hello @Mike-Atkinson

    Is the pane needed?
    If not, what about using find dialog but with bookmarking found lines?
    CTRL+F select Mark tab, check Bookmark line and click Mark All
    Using F2 to jump to the found entries.


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