Syntax Highlighting for EBNF

  • I want to make custom syntax highlighting but I am not sure how to achieve some things.
    For example comment blocks in EBNF are written with (* and *) but braces “(” “)” are also used as special operators to express a set. I managed to set grey color for a comment block in EBNF, but once I set braces “(” “)” as operators the commented text becomes black again. Can you give me some ideas how to achieve this? Or is it at all plausible?

  • Hello @bluePlayer,

    I used (* and *) for open/close in comment style
    and () in operators without a problem.

    If the operator ( is encased by a double quote then define this double quote as open close delimiter
    and assigne the same color as used in operator.

    How did you solve it?


  • I used double quotes just to separate the braces from other text here on the post. But I don’t have double quotes set as escape character.

  • Ok tried to add some symbols as keywords and now its better. But still I need to work with EBNF to see if all is covered. Will post back here if i have a problem. Some research on EBNF

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