Separate auto-complete for css and js files

  • CSS:
    The built-in auto-completion tool proposes you a set of all possiable variants of css property values for insertion. However i would like to see only those values, that are relevant with current property.
    Also if there is a mixed file (php+js+html+css) auto-completion proposes all variants from entire file. (NOT detects <style></style> tag.)

    Same with js. Is it possiable to get more intellectual auto-completion for js with npp? Something same with c# intellisence.

  • Hello @Ehpik–Feyl,

    no, npp doesn’t have that builtin (imaging what needs to be done to make this work for every possible lanuage).
    This is something which normally comes from a plugin, so not sure if this has been already done for css and js.


  • So can you suggest such plugin, because i failed to google it by myself.

  • Unfortunattely not.


  • Very pity. From my point of view this is the only feature where npp concedes to sublime. I hope community will fix this flaw, someday.

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